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    Outdoor Electric Services

    Commercial Outdoor Electrical Repair

    Outdoor lighting is extremely important for a commercial building. Parking lot, pole and overhang lights offer an increased sense of safety & security for employees and patrons; sign lights improve brand awareness, while landscape lighting illuminates the property. The electricians at VMD specialize in hidden outdoor wiring to artfully brighten your business’ outdoor space, while also giving you and your customer’s added security. We’ll strategize to create a unique lighting design concept that works with your building and with your budget. Call to discuss your commercial lighting project.

    Commercial lighting generates more heat and magnetic interference than bulbs used in residential homes. Therefore, proper installation by a licensed and certified electrician is critical to avoid blown circuits, fires or interference with other electronic equipment. Call VMD today for an inspection of your current indoor and outdoor lighting setup. This evaluation will allow us to determine more energy efficient options, as well as added or updated lighting needs, including LED fixtures for additional annual savings. We offer many custom commercial lighting options for your business’ unique needs.

    Commercial Outdoor Lighting

    Professional landscape lighting is one of the smartest investments you can make in your commercial building. The right illumination can boost your building’s image, create a pleasant environment, and increase its security. Business relies on good first impressions. Stand out with a quality outdoor lighting design.Your investment in commercial lighting should withstand the test of time. That’s why we design our commercial LED outdoor lighting to endure for years with minimal upkeep and maintenance costs. Quality makes all the difference and VMD Electric only uses the best LED-lighting fixtures.


    Make your business stand out with a well-lit sign. This adds safety to your establishment and increases probability of traffic as days grow darker.


    Bring to light your beautiful water features with stunning lighting systems. Accentuate your garden or yard by highlighting the most stunning elements. We offer lighting for other water features as well.

    Outdoor Displays

    Capitalize on your outdoor investments by portraying them in a good light! You put a lot of energy into what you provide your customers. It deserves to be noticed.

    Parking Lots

    Parking lots can be intimidating at night. Reduce your risk of liability with parking lot lighting solutions. Your customers and employees will thank you.

    Building Fronts

    Don’t let a dimly lit or dark building front invite vandalism or make customers feel unsafe. A well-lit facade enhances your building’s appeal and security.


    Help direct traffic to your establishment with practical outdoor lighting. Walkway lighting keeps your property safe for customers and employees as they come and go.


    Campuses can feel large and overwhelming in the dark. Make your school or church campus safer and more appealing with well-placed lighting.


    Create more usable space in the evening by lighting your courtyards and outdoor gathering areas and more!

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