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    Indoor Electric Services

    Commercial Electrical Repair

    Commercial buildings have electrical systems far more vast and complex than their residential counterparts. They also have to deal with quite a bit more demand all year-round, which leads to more wear and tear on the system. If you manage a commercial building, you know how vital it is to keep the electrical system in good shape. It’s rather hard to conduct business when you literally cannot keep the lights on, after all.

    Don’t worry, though. If you’re looking for a commercial electrical contractor, you’ve come to the right place. At VMD Electric we offer a full range of commercial electrical services throughout Nassau County, from generator installation to lighting maintenance to complete rewiring service. We offer the best prices and service on long island. Your business is your lifeline. When an electrical issue arises, you need help immediately. You and your employee’s income is on the line. Every commercial electrical job that comes in is treated as our top priority by our commercial team.

    If you’re a commercial or business owner, you know your building requires a different type of electrical help than residential electrical services. VMD Electric has an expert commercial department. We can handle the complexities of the larger electrical systems commercial or business properties may have. We have a staff of electrician who are highly trained and experienced with these types of electrical issues. Whether it’s a new construction, an addition, or just repairs for a commercial property, we have the professional training, expertise, and experience to guarantee you the best workmanship possible. We’ll always complete the work you need on time and within your budget. When you need electrical work for any commercial project or building, you can count on the professionals at VMD Electric.

    Commercial Electrical Installation

    VMD Electric is a team of experienced electricians servicing the Long Island area. Commercial needs are usually dependent on heavier usage loads and may require special equipment in business & commercial settings. VMD Electric’s commercial electricians are able to install specialty lighting, wiring, heavy machinery and can provide electrical repair services on any commercial electrical unit. We evaluate your project and find you the perfect solution. VMD Electric will work with the owner or general contractor in the design and electrical installation for your project.

    Commercial Lighting

    We illuminate parking lots, landscapes, building interiors, and all other areas relevant to your business. We install the latest devices to minimize energy use and maximize efficiency and are happy to carry out lighting retrofits and studies.

    Tenant Finishing

    We provide lighting, wiring, and other electrical services for rental buildings, ensuring that your tenants have all the power they need.

    Data Cabling

    We perform cabling on all buildings, supplying you with fast, reliable network and all other forms of communication.

    Network Wiring

    Your commercial building must be set up to meet the demands of a large workforce and possibly multiple businesses. We can help you to succeed in a world where communication is key.

    Lighting Updates

    Your wallet may be drained by outdated lighting. VMD Electric can help retrofit your building. Modern lighting is environmentally friendly and can help you save money.

    Surge Protection

    Surge protection is an important aspect of any electrical system. A power surge can be very dangerous and lead to damages that outweigh a few hours of down electric. As a business owner, you need to protect your electrical system and equipment with an up-to-date surge protector.

    Commercial Generators

    Commercial generators can provide emergency power which is crucial to keeping your business up and running in an outage. We will recommend the most appropriate sized generator that will allow you to keep your business going.

    Emergency Services

    Whether you are dealing with a sudden power outage, exposed wiring, or any other electrical equipment failures, our team is always ready to help. We are happy to travel to your business, diagnose the problem, and implement a lasting solution.

    Service Calls

    Give VMD Electric a call and we will send out one of our expert technicians to handle all your electrical problems. When you need service fast, call us now.

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