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    Generator Installation

    Residential Generator Installation

    Regardless of your home’s size, style, age or location, VMD Electric will provide you with the peace of mind of knowing you have the correct residential automatic standby generator, installed properly and at the most competitive price. Our technicians determine your present electrical capacity, available fuel sources, noise emissions for comfort and code, runtime capability, and placement conditions and recommend the perfect generator to fit your needs. Our clients receive the latest, most up-to-date generators, providing you with the best technology and energy security.

    We take care of every bit of your generator installation. Our turnkey service begins by selecting the correct automatic standby generator for your particular situation. We then obtain your town permits, deliver the generator to a placement that meets all codes and arrange for the natural gas or propane connections. We ensure that the electrical connections are up to national and local to codes, perform the startup and certify the warranty validation.

    We rely on the gas professionals who already supply you to connect and maintain your gas connections and supply long after installation, just as we connect and maintain your generator to your electric at your home and service your generator for years to come. We install 100-200 generators per year in New York area!

    Generating Power for Your Life

    YOU and your backup power needs are unique and different from everyone else. Our generator specialists are fully trained to keep you powered even when the power goes out. Contact our team today to schedule Your Free In-Home Estimate.

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